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Updated 4 October 2008

N6TV Online Presentation: "Adding an SDR to an SO2R Station": http://tinyurl.com/4zama4

NCCC SO2R Clinic DVD: Soon to be available, a DVD on SO2R operating!: http://www.k6vva.com/nccc/so2r/

N6TR Presentation: Tree's presentation at the 1997 Dayton Contest Forum. http://n6tr.jzap.com/tworadio.html

K2UA Presentation: Here is a link to K2UA's Dayton 2001 presentation on SO2R (in Adobe PDF format). http://www.contesting.com/libraries/download/4/K2UA Two Radios.PDF 

W4AN Article: "Two Radio Single-Op". Hosted by OK1RR, this was originally posted to contesting.com.

From microHAM USA:
    Using the microHAM microKEYER with a conventional SO2R controller
    Using two microKEYERs with a conventional SO2R controller (Updated 10/06)
(NOTE: These are for information only. microHAM USA does not support these configurations).

From Array Solutions:
"How to put together an SO2R system and have some fun!"

    Array Solutions App Notes

Desk Construction Plans:

     A Corner Computer Desk

     Built-In Desk Construction (blog)

Last Update: 10/04/08