Waving Curacao Flag

"This was a small operation from Curaçao on the occasion of the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles and the expected addition of "Country
Curaçao" to the ARRL DXCC List as a new Entity."
Signal Point, Curaçao

"Country Curaçao 10/10/10 Celebration"
October 8 - 18, 2010

Our Club, the Caribbean Contesting Consortium, owns and operates the PJ2T Signal Point station, and our members operate it for most major contests during the year.

This operation was low-key compared to the operations on the other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, with just 2 operators. We were not on the bands 24/7 during our stay. There will be many more opportunities for The Deserving to work Curacao for DXCC credit before ARRL will begin accepting submissions for the new DXCC Entity!

RESULTS: A total of 14,278 PJ2T QSOs were made during our two-man 7-day operation, 11105 on CW and 3173 on SSB.   You can see a detailed breakdown of our log (by band, continent, etc. (PDF)) courtesty of "Club Log".

We did not accept any donations or sponsorships for this operation. All expenses were defrayed by the operators involved, as it should be when operating from a major tourist destination!

- Jeff Maass  K8ND
- Bill Smith W9VA

ARRL Bulletin
October 14, 2010


Dissolution of Netherlands Antilles Creates Four New DXCC Entities


The dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles has caused changes to the DXCC List. As per the DXCC rules, the two Netherlands Antilles DXCC entities will be deleted and moved to the Deleted Entities List.


Four new entities will be added to the DXCC List: (1) Curacao; (2) Sint Maarten; (3) Saba and St Eustatius, and (4) Bonaire. The event date and time for these changes was 0400 UTC, October 10, 2010.


Confirmations for these new entities will be accepted for credit starting January 1, 2011. Other administrative changes and actions will be announced as they are finalized.


QSL via N9AG or Logbook of the World (LotW)
Are  You In The PJ2T Log?

Curacao Flag

PJ2T Operating Frequencies
October 10 - 18, 2010
To prevent chaos on the bands, we plan to abide by the band usage plan developed in association with most other 10-10-10 island operations.

160 Meters    
CW   1810-1817
SSB   oper choice>1850
80 Meters    
CW   3501-3510
SSB TX   3671-3674
SSB RX Primary   3701-3710
SSB RX secondary   oper choice>3800
SSB VK   3776+
Digital 3570-3575
40 Meters    
CW   7001-7010
SSB TX   7075-7078
SSB RX  Primary   7126-7135
SSB RX Secondary   oper choice>7175
Digital   7051-7055
30 Meters    
CW   10101-10106
Digital   10130-10133
20 Meters    
CW   14001-14013
SSB TX   14125-14130
SSB RX Primary   14170-14180
SSB RX Secondary   oper choice>14255
Digital   14072-14077
17 Meters   ODD days
CW   18068-18078
    EVEN days
SSB   18120-18135
    ODD days
Digital   18100-18105
15 Meters    
CW   21001-21013
SSB    21275-21290
Digital   21072-21077
12 Meters   ODD days
CW   24891-24900
    EVEN days
SSB   24935-24950
    ODD days
Digital   24920-24925
10 Meters    
CW   28001-28013
SSB   28301-28325
Digital   28072-28080

Bandplan for all PJ 10-10-10 Operations (PDF)













K8ND at PJ2T 10-10-10
                     Jeff Maass  K8ND

I was licensed in 1970 as WN8JXS, and started contesting in 1973 at W8LT, the club station of The Ohio State University Amateur Radio Club. It was there that I first discovered the unique challenges of 160-Meters, participating in many Top Ten finishes in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest in multi-single operations. As a part of the Mad River Radio Club (MRRC), I organized and participated in successful ARRL DX Contest DXpeditions to French St. Martin (FS7/FG7AR 1979) and Anguilla (VP2E 1980, '81, and '82). I have held the DX calls FG0AMR, VP2E, VP2EV, and VP2EEV.

My interest remains strong in 160 Meters, and has resulted in World and South American records in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest (from the DX side) and South American records in the CQWW 160 Meter DX Contest (single-op as well as Multi-op, with W8WTS), all from the PJ2T station. I am a regular participant in the CQWW CW Contest operations at PJ2T.

I am a member of the Caribbean Contesting Consortium and serve as "Station Manager" for the PJ2T station. This 10-10-10 operation is my fifteenth (15th) operation from the Signal Point station on Curacao since 2002. 73, Jeff  K8ND

W9VA at PJ2T during 10-10-10 Operation
      Bill Smith W9VA

I was first licensed in 1952 as WN9VBV, becoming W9VA in April 1977. I was involved in the insurance business in Brazil from 1980 through 1984 and was licensed as PY1ZFO, living in Rio de Janeiro. Through this experience I met a number of great Brazilian hams, and through these connections made my first trip to Fernando de Noronha in March 1988. Since then, I have been back to Noronha 12 times, and was part of the PWØT DXpedition to Trindade Island in 2002. I am QSL Manager for my host on Noronha, Andre PY0FF, as well as my own operations from the island as PY1ZFO/0, ZY0FX, PS0F, and PY0ZFO.  The photo is from trip #12 in March 2009 as PS0F.

I am a member of the Caribbean Contesting Consortium, which operates the PJ2T contest station on Curacao. When not operating with the CCC group in contests as PJ2T, I am active from the island on the WARC bands and six meters as PJ2/W9VA.  73 Bill W9VA

PJ2T Webcam


PJ7E Sint Maarten 10-10-10

PJ6A Saba 10-10-10

PJ4 Bonaire 10-10-10

(PJ4B, PJ4D, PJ4N, and others)

K8ND 1011023a